Seasonal Watering Tips

Summer tips:

Summer watering should be about providing your turf with enough water to keep it healthy and growing. Proper scheduling and running times should be monitored in order to maximize turf needs and minimize waste.

Be sure to check each station once every week to make sure heads are popping up correctly, rotating and spraying properly, and to make sure you don’t have any leaks.

If you are managing an athletic field, it’s best to keep the field “on the dry side.” This will force the roots to go deeper in the soil in search of water and will provide a firmer playing surface. If you’ve ever played golf on a course where the ball plugged on every shot, you know what I’m talking about. Running your system three times per week should be sufficient, even during the hottest times. As long as you are providing about an inch of water per week, your fields (and lawns) should be receiving enough water.

If you have any questions concerning watering guidelines please feel free to contact Kent.

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